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Dust Protection Doors

Dust protection pendulum doors

The system allows for openings from both sides, effortlessly closing upon a simple press, offering user convenience. It can be flexibly adjusted up to a height of 2.70 meters, utilizing transparent foil for visibility, ensuring the ability to see oncoming traffic. Additionally, it features two openings, enabling the insertion of a drain hose and facilitating air circulation within the enclosure.

Dust protection magnetic doors, self-closing

The magnetic dust protection door automatically closes on its own, enabling a convenient and hands-free passage for users.

Dust protection swing doors

The swing door is crafted from a durable aluminum frame, ensuring stability and making it well-suited for high demands and continuous use.

Dust protection foil doors

The dust protection foil door can be effortlessly secured using appropriate adhesive tape and opened down to the floor via a double zipper mechanism.

Self-inflatable dust protection doors

Our air door is lightweight, weighing only 4 kg, and can be set up in just 30 seconds. The integrated fan eliminates the need for bonding and fastening tasks. The dust protection door effectively seals the room, guaranteeing that adjacent areas remain free from dust. An additional highlight is the integrated door frame protection, safeguarding the frame and door lining of the "real" door against dirt and damage.